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Nov 24, 2017
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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
College Graduate
Deep in Wyngro Hell
Forever bird lover

Vaylore By Ittybittypigeontitty-dbf2cfj by Vaylore

Rook by ofAddict

[com] Fenfen by Rosedraq Daedalus Pixel page doll by Laura10211 The Winship's magician by Laura10211

"My Demon" chibi made by ittybittypigeontitty
Sexy Fennel pixel was made by the wonderful Rosedraq
Adorable bouncing Daedalus and bad ass Ava page doll was made by Laura10211
That gorgeous profile picture was made by the beautiful and talented tsand106

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[Upgrade] Food for the Soul

Food is universal, versatile, simple yet elegant, and most importantly, essential.  It caters to all sorts of preferences and offers a wide variety of flavors, unique in it's ability to create endless combinations.  One can create simple delights for every day consumption, or they may dabble in extravagant banquets to share with many.  It's fair to say that most have a favorite food while others may be unable to settle on just one.  Food is very ingrained in all societies allowing a common question to be formed: What is your favorite food?

For Viktor, this is a no brainer: bread.

Some might find it rather plain, but rest assured Viktor has his reasons.

Bread is versatile; it can be paired with quite a few dishes and it can be made several ways.  On top of that, there are many different types such as hard, soft, airy, flaky, even sweet!  Ah, and perhaps one of his favorite reasons?  It's filling.  A warm loaf can easily sate a rumbling stomach or fill any gaps a meal may be missing.  These are some of the more notable reasons and although it may be simplistic, Viktor is very fond of his favorite food.


I resisted making a comic for this.. thank goodness x-x

Aaaannndd with the change of seasons and falling leaves, winter is certain to be on it's way.  It looks like Viktor's body knows this and is adjusted to accommodate the colder nights.  Ah, my sweet fluffy wolf boy, you truly rock that fluff tail <3

Upgrade Get!:
- Body Fluff (100 wyns)
2 month age req.
Digital req.
Traditional req.

- Fluff Tail
Upgrade Marble

Viktor and
Tab belong to meeeeeee.

Golden Wyn  MAX WYNS Golden Wyn  
A Lesson In Repaying Ones Debts

Viktor has been feeling a little bothered lately.  A few months back one of the street urchins offered to share some of their food with him.  It certainly helped, but something about the situation didn't sit right with him. Certainly, he had taken food that was offered to him by passing wyngrew before, but it wasn't quite the same compared to that particular interaction.  It was uncomfortable, nagging at best, and it took quite a bit of time before he realized what it was.

Viktor felt in debt to the strangers generosity.

He ended up encountering that girl plenty more times around town, and eventually learned that she, too, was homeless.  On top of that, she was also taking care of someone important much like how Viktor cared for Tab.  It took some time, but Viktor eventually understood that they were in quite a similar situation.  by offering the food a few months back, this girl was endangering her own chances of survival.  It was time to pay his due.

He managed to scrap together whatever food he could find (stealing, begging, doesn't matter how he got it, right?) and presented it to the girl.  The whole situation felt extremely tense and part of Viktor wished he had kept the food for himself, but the drive to repay his debt forced him to stand his ground...

...and all through the meeting a small chime sang in the back of his head. 

Something about it felt familiar-- it was almost as if a memory of his parents was whispering into existence-- like a form of praise for a job well done.

A proper buisness gro always pays their debts.


Needed traditional for body fluff hnnnnnng

Talli belongs to :iconvulpix150:
Viktor belongs to meeeeeee

Golden Wyn  MAX WYNS Golden Wyn  
[Basic Water] Trying To Stay in the Present

Week four of water magic class.

These two nerds, tired from the hike back, just trying to relax in class.  Ava's practicing water manipulation while poor Ari is starting to nod off.

Goodness, Ava has gotten so big ;w;

Ari belongs to :icontsand106:
Ava belongs to meeeeeee

Golden Wyn  MAX WYNS Golden Wyn  

Is it it bad that everything I want to draw wants to turn itself into a comic?  It takes so much time and energyyyyy brain plz have mercy!

If I died and you could steal any of my gro which one would you choose? 

38 deviants said Willow
37 deviants said Forget your gro, I'll just take all your Runebooks.
21 deviants said Fennel
16 deviants said Cobalt
15 deviants said Ava
14 deviants said Wha? Nah! I'll just take all your Coatala!
11 deviants said Rook
4 deviants said Viktor
3 deviants said Talias
3 deviants said Daedalus


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